4 Ways to Make Sure Your Natural Cycles + Rhythms Are Not Derailed

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Natural Cycles + Rhythms Are Not Derailed

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There’s a very powerful insight that guided my health exploration, even through some of my toughest moments: Our bodies are incredibly wise. There are natural cycles that dictate how we feel and tell us so much about how we are unique and how we should function. We are meant to feel energetic and happy. So often life gets in the way, and we are so overstressed and preoccupied that we forget to pay attention to and listen to our body. It happens to all of us from time to time – but there are clear steps that you can take get back in tune with your true nature.


  • Decide and Get Clear: The first step is to acknowledge these natural cycles in your body and making a decision to connect with and understand them. For example, this involves your energy level, your sleep cycles, when you’re craving certain foods.


  • Tune In to Your Body: Consciously pay attention and notice when you naturally feel high energy levels. For women, this may mean tracking your energy level after your menstrual cycle. If you wake up at a certain time, have an energy-boosting breakfast and engage in some physical activity – how do you feel versus when you don’t do this? Are you more likely to be productive and energetic in the early mornings or late evenings?


  • Your Routine: Once you have a better understanding of your own personal cycles, then you’re able to proactively make adjustments in your life to live aligned with your natural cycles. A consistent schedule that incorporates the activities and actions that help you feel at your best will be key. For some people that will mean waking up at 6am for a morning run, a protein-rich smoothie and a highly productive morning. For others it will mean setting up a ritual in the evening in your home office to honor your most productive time after 8:00pm.


  • Honor Your Sleep Schedule: The single most important life component that impacts your natural cycles is sleep. Although 8 hours a day are recommended for adults, we are all unique and we may need a little more or less. Think about the mornings when you wake up naturally – how many hours do you sleep? To honor your natural cycles, set up your life so that you sleep that number of hours. Consider your work, family, and social interests and make sure your goal is realistic.


Remember, perfection is not attainable but consistency should be your goal. Cheers to natural cycles and feeling our best!

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