7 Festive Libations

7 Festive Libations

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Listen up, holiday imbibers: At Skinny Strong, we pay a serious amount of attention to the various cocktails, nogs, ciders, dessert wines, and hot cocoas that make the rounds this time of year—for two very important reasons. First, because the things we drink often slip off our radar when it comes to consuming healthfully and mindfully, yet, on average, beverages represent a hefty portion of our daily calorie intake. They also play a vital role in keeping our bodies well hydrated.

That brings us to the second point: Festive drinks are fun! These drinkable seasonal treats are part of long-held traditions for some; for others, they are part of the relaxing experience of spending quality time with family and friends. Nobody wants to miss out! So we consider it our very important duty to find ways for us all to partake of the festivity without doing harm to our health and metabolism (your liver’s attention shifts away from burning fat to breaking down toxins in the presence of alcohol).

Here, we present 7 festive holiday drink ideas to keep you in joyful spirits and your body in perfect nutritional balance—in fact, most of these recipes have wonderful health benefits beyond their yum factor. We’ll gladly toast to that! 

Hot Cocoa

Hot CoaCoa

Your winter season (cold weather included or not) would not be complete without a cup of rich, steaming hot chocolate. This recipe uses a blend of healthy almond and coconut milks as a creamy base for antioxidant, mood-boosting cocoa powder.

Red Wine



Put the health/not healthy debate on hold for one night and rejoice in the fact that red wine contains generous amounts of the powerful anti-aging, heart-healthy antioxidant resveratrol.








Behold the miracle of unsweetened coconut milk in this creamy recipe for eggnog that won’t fill you up with fat and sugar. For a little kick, just add your liquor of choice and serve.






Mulled Cider



This version of the classic, cozy fireside drink gets its sweetness from apples and a hint of pure maple syrup—the rest of the flavor comes from fragrant, anti-inflammatory spices: soothing cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice. Bonus: Your house will smell like the holidays for days.




Cranberry Hot Toddy



The classic hot toddy has long been considered a wintertime cure-all for whatever ails you. This simple version (which can be made alcoholic, if you prefer) uses cranberry, lemon, and honey for a tart yet soothing cup of holiday cheer.





Raspberry Champagne



Can you picture a more festive way to ring in the New Year? The pureed raspberries and dash of honey in this delightful recipe are sure to keep you glowing in 2016.

P.S. The honey is optional




Mulled Wine



Winter is the season for “mulling,” so here’s a second warm and perfectly spiced beverage to enjoy with friends. This aromatic Glühwein uses plenty of cloves, which are naturally anti-inflammatory and aid in proper digestion.





Your Skinny Strong Takeaways:

“Skinny” – Let Go of trying to steer clear of syrupy cocktails and cream-based nogs and always remember to pair your adult beverages with plenty of water and a meal that includes lean protein.

“Strong” – Take Action by Prepping for holiday dinners and cocktail parties by making a plan for which drinks you’ll enjoy.

I’m so happy to welcome you to our community. I founded Skinny Strong to inspire and empower individuals to thrive in their health and beauty. Skinny Strong is inspired by my own health challenges, and the discoveries I’ve made along the way that have given me the freedom to let go of confusion and guilt, take action and start living!

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