Hi! I’m Ines,
Happiness Blaze at


A few years ago, I felt tired all the time; I had muscle pain and just a lack of motivation for life. I didn’t think I could move forward.

“Will I ever feel good again?”

I asked myself over and over. I felt trapped and even ashamed. I didn’t know where else to turn.

I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism at fifteen and had struggled with it since then. And one day, EVERYTHING changed: I met Cindy at a luncheon, and we immediately hit it off!

I got to know her as she guided me through changing behaviors that were not serving me and taking action to live the life I wanted to live, a healthy one full of love and joy! Not only did my health change, my life did, so I made the decision to become a real part of the Skinny Strong movement.

This work now fuels both my passion and my health!

My life is now dedicated to helping others thrive. I strive to fill each day with energy and good vibes – bringing joy and harmony to those around me. Smiling and making others smile are two of my favorite things. Yes, I can be quite “bubbly”, and I love it!

At Skinny Strong, I am your Strategist, Advocate, and Planner Extraordinaire.

With the Skinny Strong philosophy and Cindy’s guidance, I am committed to help empower you to Thrive the Way Nature Intended. I’ve lived it, and I know you can do it too. Contact me with your questions, ideas, concerns, memes, funny videos, etc.

I’m here for you.

   Ines recently shared that she loves  to dance. But that
was an understatement when I witnessed her almost
“twerking” during a Vixen performance.
She may deny it but it was a perfect expression of her
joyful and lively personality.   

-Cindy Rodriguez, founder of Skinny Strong

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(And there’s dark chocolate and wine!)
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