Four Fun Indoor Cardio Workouts for Winter

Four Fun Indoor Cardio Workouts for Winter

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Whether or not you live in a cold-weather climate, there’s something about the winter season, with its limited daylight and holiday events, that makes it easy to let the best-laid workout plans slide.

But exercise is one of the easiest, most naturally beneficial ways to keep your mood elevated and your body in good health during the busy winter months. Sometimes you just need a little incentive to get moving! How about saving yourself a trip outdoors by bringing the workout to your living room?

Here are four fun calorie-blasting cardio workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Crunch Gym Live

The nationwide gym chain now offers its signature playful aerobics classes online. Pay the $10 monthly membership fee to stream workouts that fit your mood and your schedule.

Why we love it: In addition to the flexibility factor, working out in the privacy of your own home means you can feel free to try any crazy class you want without worrying about how you look.


Beachbody Cize

This brand-new, dance-based cardio series from the popular home-workout company features lovable fitness instructor Shaun T.

Why we love it: The six choreographed routines, spread across three discs plus a bonus abs workout, will have you sweating away to jams by Missy Elliott, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars. Who says a workout has to feel like a workout?

Priv On-Demand Fitness App

In this on-demand era, you can now add personal trainers to the list of services you can call up on your smartphone for home delivery. Priv brings the workout (along with other beauty services) to you.

Why we love it: Though it’s only available in a five U.S. areas for now, the convenient app is expanding, and others, like FitSpot, Handstand, and TroupeFit are entering the game, making valuable one-on-one training time a more appealing winter workout option.


This home-workout stalwart featuring instructor Tony Horton is still a top choice for self-guided exercise.

Why we love it: The Plyometrics DVD alone can burn up to 1,000 calories. Plus, with 12 routines to choose from, you can build plenty of variety into your workout schedule and avoid the boredom that comes with doing the same moves over and over.


Your Skinny Strong Takeaways:

“Skinny”- Let Go of making excuses for not working out and find alternate fitness routines that make you excited to get healthy.

“Strong” – Take Action by varying your exercise routine every couple weeks to ensure all your muscles get challenged. This will also help avoid boredom or fatigue with any given workout.



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