Get Clear Now: Unearth Your Desires for Your Health & Body

Get Clear Now: Unearth Your Desires for Your Health & Body

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Looking back, when were the moments when you thought seriously about your health? Was it when you gained a little extra weight, right before an annual physical or after weeks of feeling drained?


If any of those sound like you, you’re not alone. From a young age in the Western world, we are taught to see health from a reactive standpoint. We respond to health crises. We fear them and we feel powerless when they come. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I felt the same way. And then I realized that one simple question changed everything:


“How do I truly desire to be and feel?”


I wanted to be smart and beautiful, and I want to feel energetic, fit, and strong. I wanted to feel full of life and that I was mindfully enjoying and cherishing every moment of my life. For me, that meant waking up in the morning inspired to “sweat it up,” contributing at work with great clarity and creativity, fully enjoying my time with family and friends and transitioning into a deep, restful sleep with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. By the way, I’d do all this while sporting a chic outfit, my favorite stylish shoes and fancy lipstick!”


It became very clear to me that in order to make that happen, rather than wait for the next health crisis passively – I would have to take action and be proactive. I needed to understand the behaviors that were no longer serving me and let them go, and strengthen behaviors that would empower me to feel the way I wanted to.


When faced with finding hard truths, you have to ask yourself the tough questions:


  • What’s holding you back from feeling the way you desire to be and feel?
  • How do you envision the perfect day in your perfect health?
  • Of all the behaviors that are not serving your health, which will be most challenging to overcome? Why?
  • What’s one action (no matter how small) you can take today to make a change?


Clarity is about getting real with yourself. It’s one thing to give the answer you think someone wants to hear—it’s another to truly face yourself, and take actions that will help you achieve your innermost desires.



Recommended Skinny Strong Action Steps:

  1. “Skinny” complacency.
  2. “Strong” asking honest questions and providing honest answers to yourself.


What’s your “Skinny Strong” from this article?

I’m so happy to welcome you to our community. I founded Skinny Strong to inspire and empower individuals to thrive in their health and beauty. Skinny Strong is inspired by my own health challenges, and the discoveries I’ve made along the way that have given me the freedom to let go of confusion and guilt, take action and start living!

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