Your way of thinking – your disposition – your frame of mind.
This is where everything starts.
Your mindset shapes your thought habits. And your thought habits
affect how you think, what you feel and what you do.
Get clear on what you most desire for your
health and body.

As a health seeker you will cultivate your knowing, listen to your
intuition and your body and get ready to Skinny (“let go”)
Strong (“take action”) as desired.

If you have ever noticed that your mood seems to darken progressively along with the fading of sunny fall days…

The first step in the Skinny Strong blueprint is what you know. That sense of knowing goes much deeper than…

Looking back, when were the moments when you thought seriously about your health? Was it when you gained a little…

When we hear the word “fitness” we often think of strong or lean bodies. We tend to equate that kind…

While body typing can seem a bit “fad-like,” our hormonal make-ups influence our body type and this can inform us…

Are you a true health seeker?

Empowering meetups with Cindy, other health experts
and a community ready to support, learn and enjoy together.
(And there’s dark chocolate and wine!)
By invitation only

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