(relationships – work – finances – self expression)

Our aspirations, relationships and
self-expression make up the
primary foods of our lives.

It is vital to nourish and live them with purpose.

primary foods: any non-food sources that nourishes your soul
– Institute for Integrative Nutrition

When you experience a stressful period at work or in your personal life, do you find yourself craving simple rituals…

No matter how far in advance you start shopping, it always feels like you are stuck obsessing over a gift…

Let’s get real for a second: Pick up any women’s magazine or Google “holiday hosting tips” this time of year…

There’s a very powerful insight that guided my health exploration, even through some of my toughest moments: Our bodies are…

Treating yourself does not necessarily only have to happen on your birthday and on vacation. Sure, maybe splurging every week…

Sometimes the best way to identify opportunities for simplifying and improving your daily life is to get a little perspective—along…

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