Professional Speaking with Skinny Strong

Bring the powerful philosophy of Skinny Strong to your social, professional, or organizational community. Cindy is available to speak at corporate wellness events, conferences, and annual retreats or serve as keynote or guest speaker for health- or wellness-focused meetings and fairs.

Present your audience with the insight and tools to change their lives for the better through Skinny Strong’s transformational approach. Cindy will deliver a presentation that is tailored to your specific focus, customizing the Skinny Strong philosophy to make it accessible and relevant to your audience and their interests.

Get in touch and make the “Let go and take action” mantra an instrumental force for your community.

Are you a true health seeker?

Empowering meetups with Cindy, other health experts
and a community ready to support, learn and enjoy together.
(And there’s dark chocolate and wine!)
By invitation only

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