With sleep, the body detoxifies, restores,
rejuvenates and replenishes.

Without proper rest, you won’t have the energy to exercise.
You need to honor your sleep so you can exercise and perform.

Sleep is critically important to our wellbeing,
and often a huge struggle.

We will thrive when we listen to our bodies and honor
our unique rhythms.

Think about your morning routine: How does it go? Now think about how you feel as you embark upon your…

Do you have a bedtime routine? Yes, we know you’re not a baby, but—as the saying goes—when was the last…

Getting adequate, truly restful sleep –or what we refer to as “sweet sleep” –is essential to maintaining your health and…

Are you a true health seeker?

Empowering meetups with Cindy, other health experts
and a community ready to support, learn and enjoy together.
(And there’s dark chocolate and wine!)
By invitation only

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