The 7 Smart Bites for the Office

The 7 Smart Bites for the Office

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To keep your energy and health up, you want to make sure you’re enjoying 3 balanced meals daily. Doing so, will carry you for a solid 4 hours until your next meal, and ensure you are satisfied all day long. This is key to keeping your metabolism up, staving off hunger and ensuring you are sharp, alert and ready for the day. However, on those days when there may be a bit of a stretch between meals, you’ll want a great “go-to” small bite to tie you over.


And, of course, you don’t want to bonk at your desk and then rush out to eat anything and everything you can get your hands on during a quick break between conference calls. Never fear! We’ve got you covered, with some office and travel friendly bites that will keep you going all day long.


  1. Carrots and hummus: This legume and veggie combination will fill you up with fiber, slow-burning protein and vitamins and nutrients. This travels really well and you can often find some variation of this at grab-and-go establishments. Easy!
  2. Raisins and nuts: Good ole fashioned raisins and raw nuts —or really whatever variation of raw nuts and dried fruit suits your fancy—is a hiker’s best friend and yours. You can easily grab a pre-made mix or go crazy in the bulk food section and make your own. High energy dried fruits and high protein and fat nuts help regulate your blood sugar levels and will easily get you through to your next meal.
  3. Dark chocolate. Okay, we know that at some point you are going to need a little boost to get you through the day that carrots and hummus just won’t fix. Rather than reach for a Snicker’s bar, keep a stash of dark chocolate—which hey, is high in antioxidants anyways—in your desk drawer for the occasional indulgence.
  4. Chia seeds. Throw a bag of these suckers into file cabinet for safe-keepings. These mega-hydrating and satiating, low-calorie seeds are filled with protein, omega-3’s, and fiber. Soak them in the fluid of your choice (water, almond milk, juice) to make a chia-y drink or pudding.
  5. Raw nut butter. Make sure it is RAW (not roasted), nut butter because nuts lose their benefits once they’re roasted. If it doesn’t read “raw” on the label, it probably isn’t. This is a delicious, high-energy food with an awesome shelf life (you don’t need to worry about someone throwing this out of the fridge next week). Keep a jar of your favorite nut butter—raw almond butter, raw cashew butter, or raw pistachio—in your office pantry, but make sure to refrigerate after opening. This preserves the healthy fats and oil. It goes great on rice cakes, toast, apples and bananas. Note: notice I didn’t recommend peanuts. This is because the other nuts are a smarter option. Peanuts tend to be higher in omega-6 (the pro-inflammatory oil). They also tend to be contaminated with aflatoxin, a carcinogenic mold. Peanuts also have high levels of pesticides.
  6. Oatmeal pack – mix ¼ cup of rolled oats, a few shaved raw almonds, 1 tsp of ground flax seeds, 1 tbsp raisins and 1 tsp of cinnamon and pack into a ziplock as an easy to go bite. All you need is to add hot water and enjoy! The combination of healthy carbs, protein and fat will hold you off for a good 60-90 minutes, until your next meal.
  7. Prep your own green apple or light, fruit salad. Fruit salad can be oddly expensive (and oftentimes oddly uninspiring) at grab-and-go places. Get your daily dose—and load up on super satiating fiber and vitamins and nutrients—by prepping and packing a homemade fruit salad before you leave the office. One of our favorites for summer: watermelon, lime juice, and course ground salt to taste. Sneakily delicious and very satisfying!


Recommended Skinny Strong Action Steps:

  1. “Skinny” hitting the vending machine or candy jar at 3pm.
  2. “Strong” packing smart bites to take with you on-the-go.


What’s your “Skinny Strong” from this article? Do you have a favorite grab-n-go bite for the office?

I’m so happy to welcome you to our community. I founded Skinny Strong to inspire and empower individuals to thrive in their health and beauty. Skinny Strong is inspired by my own health challenges, and the discoveries I’ve made along the way that have given me the freedom to let go of confusion and guilt, take action and start living!

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