The Awesome Truth About Strength Training

The Awesome Truth About Strength Training

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Thankfully, strength training—particularly for women—has come on the scene in a major way. Hurray! Gone are the days of a weight room being a place only for big, bulky men. And, boy, are we glad about that! If you are still needing a few good reasons to hit the weights—or just want to be reminded of all the awesomeness you are already doing for your body—here’s a list of awesome truths:

  1. You will not turn into the Hulk. Many women are afraid of “bulking up” by lifting weights. It’s highly unlikely that will happen, given women’s hormonal make up. Building muscle is hard work—even for body builders—who have to eat a very regimented diet to build large muscle mass.
  2. You will increase your metabolism. Muscles consume energy! The more muscle you have on your body, the more energy you are burning—both at rest and following physical activity.
  3. You will have strong bones. Strong skeletal muscle attachments to your bones increase your bone density. That is good news, especially for women, half of whom will end up with osteoporosis later in life.
  4. You will increase your emotional well-being. Studies have shown that weight training releases mood-enhancing endorphins as well as helps fight anxiety.
  5. You will prevent injury and have better posture. A customized strength training program can help you rehabilitate and strengthen areas of weakness as well as help release and elongate areas of tension (that is, help you prevent injuries before they occur). This also applies to postural imbalance. So get lifting!
  6. You will up your game. Hit a plateau in your routine? A personalized strength training program that targets your athletic goals can help you cross the finish line faster (or whatever your goal might be) than sport-specific training alone.


Recommended Skinny Strong Action Steps:

  1. “Skinny” the same old run-walk
  2. “Strong” by introducing weights to your regimen.


What’s your “Skinny Strong” from this article? Share with us some of your own ideas, too!

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