The SS Guide To Finding Your Center & Improving Your Wellbeing

The SS Guide To Finding Your Center & Improving Your Wellbeing

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The first step in the Skinny Strong blueprint is what you know. That sense of knowing goes much deeper than just thought. It’s about getting comfortable with and trusting your wisest self. It’s about listening to and honoring your body and your true nature. It’s about developing a centering practice that will connect you with your energy source.


For many, this concept exists only in theory but in practice it seems so out of reach. Work, financial, family and relationship responsibilities get in the way and finding our center is the last thing on the list. We lose sight of taking time to make ourselves a priority, which is critical to our wellbeing, and would improve our attitude, energy and productivity in all aspects of our lives.


We know it’s not easy to make time for yourself, so we’ve crafted the (very practical) Skinny Strong Guide to Finding Your Center and Improving Your Wellbeing:


Step 1: Schedule – Setting the same time everyday as a date with yourself to get centered. I highly recommend mornings, when the mind is usually rested; you’re more likely to relax into yourself.


Step 2: Visualize – visualize your desires, get clear on your intentions and anchor yourself in that. The visual image is extremely effective in getting me centered and helps me to be fully present without thinking about the past or future.


Step 3: Meditate – Once you have your visual in mind, you can meditate on that. Breathing and Guided are my favorite forms of meditation. This final step is the biggest piece of my centering practice. Meditation truly allows you to get in tune with yourself and it helps you better prepare to handle life’s daily stresses in a way that is both calming and entirely manageable.


Finding your center is a key step towards improving your overall wellbeing. Just taking a few minutes each day will drastically improve how you view both your daily schedule and projects but also how you manage the stresses that can come with that. And perhaps most importantly, it allows you to start focusing on you!


Recommended Skinny Strong Action Steps:

  1. “Skinny” the snooze button. Set 10 minutes each day to get centered.
  2. “Strong” some personal time each week to do something just for you – a massage, a tub, some quiet wine time complemented with a great book.


What’s your “Skinny Strong” from this article?

I’m so happy to welcome you to our community. I founded Skinny Strong to inspire and empower individuals to thrive in their health and beauty. Skinny Strong is inspired by my own health challenges, and the discoveries I’ve made along the way that have given me the freedom to let go of confusion and guilt, take action and start living!

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