Treat Yourself: 6 Everyday Indulgences That Will Leave You Smiling

Treat Yourself: 6 Everyday Indulgences That Will Leave You Smiling

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Treating yourself does not necessarily only have to happen on your birthday and on vacation. Sure, maybe splurging every week on a luxurious spa day or therapeutic shopping spree may not exactly be sustainable, but there are plenty of everyday indulgences that you can incorporate into your daily life to celebrate you.

  1. Take a bath. Baths are amazing, affordable ways to zone out of the world, lower your blood pressure, and even help revitalize your muscles. Add Epsom salts; your favorite aromatherapy; a candle; and, your favorite, non-electronic reading material for 30 minutes of Zen. If you are feeling particularly motivated, you can even snag a bath pillow to rest your head against.
  2. Morning coffee. Many people describe their relationship with coffee (or tea) as something beyond the beverage, itself. It’s the ritual of a morning coffee that people become very attached to. Embrace that ritual and instead of grabbing your morning coffee to go as you rush out the door or into the office, take 30 minutes to enjoy sipping your coffee while reading the newspaper, a favorite book, a magazine, or an inspiring piece before starting your work day.
  3. Call a friend who’s far away. Keeping up our meaningful relationships—particularly those with friends who are far away—can often be challenging, but is always rewarding. Celebrate and honor those friendships by taking 20 minutes to catch up with a friend across the country.
  4. Make dinner. Cooking dinner after a long day of work can often feel like quite the chore. But, there are those times when cooking dinner after a long day of work is exactly what the doctor ordered to help you unwind, use your hands and create something beautiful and delicious to either enjoy yourself or share with others. Set aside a day a week for homemade dinner to be a delightful experience, that may or may not include a glass of wine for the chef.
  5. Head to the dog park. Show your best bud some love by taking him or her on a special trip to the dog park where they can have the time of their life. Don’t forget to follow it up with some good cuddling time—petting your dog releases the hormone oxytocin, the bonding hormone.
  6. Bring home some flowers. There’s just something luxurious and beautiful about fresh flowers. Hotels and spas clearly know this. Add a little bloom to your life and bring home, or even to your desk, a bouquet of fresh flowers, arranged in your favorite vase. Our favorites this season: peonies!



Recommended Skinny Strong Action Steps:

  1. “Skinny” going through the motions of a quick-fix dinner.
  2. “Strong” preparing a delicious meal with love and great conversation.


What’s your “Skinny Strong” from this article? Is there a particular indulgence that you love?

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